Sad News Of Plane Crash In Jamaica

Though not anywhere near the vicinity of Lugano or the surrounding area, it is heartbreaking to learn of the plane crash in Jamaica.

Since it was a small plane that appears to have crashed in the ocean about two hours ago, it is likely safe to assume that there were no survivors on board. Not much has been released yet in terms of what exactly happened, but some sources are saying that the pilots lost consciousness. Right now all we know is that the plane left the United States and crash in the water near the Jamaican shore. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family’s affected by this horrible tragedy.

Top Budget Hotels In Lugano Switzerland

The country of Switzerland is blessed with beautiful mountain scenery thanks to the famous Swiss Alps. These Alps offer top of the class snow covered slopes that are perfect for snowboarding all year long not forgetting the breathtaking awesome scenery that is fit for any postcard. No one will be disappointed when taking a trip to this awesome country. The great thing about this area is that one can get cheap hotels which can be accessed through a train or bus especially if one is looking to go and visit the beautiful city of Lugano situated near the Italian Border.

Choosing among the world class Swiss Ski resorts in Lugano is no hustle at all. It’s exciting in itself since each hotel and hotel will offer quality amenities not forgetting an unforgettable experience. These hotels in Lugano are modern with all the age amenities that any guest may think of while others have retained the old classic look that includes the Swiss tradition. When it comes to service, all Lugano hotels offer top notch excellent service that the Swiss are know for. One will experience real pampering from the staff and one can also get numerous tour packages to explore from these hotels.

These Swiss hotels are cheap and affordable and any one will of these hotels will fit the budget. The city of Lugano which is famed for the warmth it offers. It is also famous for the rich and famous thus is coined the name the title “Monte Carlo of Switzerland”. The city lies at the edge of the famous Lake Lugano and is a popular spot for water sport lovers as well as other outdoor activities. The opulence should not intimidate anyone because one can find cheap hotels top of them being Hotel Pestalozzi Lugano which is opened all year long and is located right at the heart of Lugano. It’s just a few steps from the congress center and the city park. It offers free WiFi and free buffet breakfast and the room service is available 24 hours.

Address: Piazza Indipendenza 9, 6901 Lugano, Switzerland

The Maraini resort is another cheap hotel that has top class quality. This three star hotel will make any visitor be amazed by the scrumptious food that will tempt any one’s palate. It has an indoor pool and offers free WiFi which is available in public areas as well as guest rooms.

Address: Via Massagno 36, 6900 Lugano, Switzerland

Hotel Campione is another cheap hotel in Lugano and is situated 7 kilometers from Lugano. Being the birthplace of Francesco Borromini, architect of the most beautiful churches of Rome, you can be assured it’s a picturesque place. Hotel Colorado enjoys quiet a sunny and central location and is the ideal family hotel and also for those who want to explore Lugano and its surroundings.

Address: Via Campione 62, 6816 Bissone, Switzerland

These are some of the top budget hotels in Lugano that are cheap. If the recommendations are not enough and one is looking for more, Lugano has several cheap hotels that are available for any budget.

Top 3 Things To Do In Lugano

Do you want to brush up on your Italian or just have one of the best vacations of your life? Then going to Lugano Switzerland is just what the doctor ordered and in this article, you will learn about the Top 3 things you can see, do and enjoy in the land of Chocolate, Skiing and Clock Making.

Lugano is located in the Southern tip of Switzerland and has the largest Italian speaking population, next to that of Italy itself. Surrounded by Italy on three sides it juts out of Switzerland into Italy like an isthmus does into the sea.

Lugano once home to famous writer Hermann Hesse author of the classics “Steppenwolf” and “Siddhartha.” is a city that offers you a unique vacation experience.

#1 Chocolate Has a Museum

The Alprose Chocolate Museum shows the complete history of Chocolate in the region from its earliest origins to the 21st century in this quaint and unique museum of the Tradition of Swiss Chocolate making. Everyone who goes to Switzerland brings back Chocolate.

Not only can you do that when you leave Lugano, you will also have learned about the history and see how it is being done today, still following the old ways using techniques that have been handed down through the generations. Of course, no visit would be complete without sampling the chocolate as it is being made right before your eyes.

#2 Festivals

Lugano is home to many summer festivals and celebrations you can enjoy as well. If you enjoy classical music then the Lugano Festival that runs from April through May, would be the perfect time to schedule your holiday in Switzerland. With over a Dozen Concerts held for your enjoyment and with a 2nd phase held in June of each year focusing on guest Composers of international renown.

If however you prefer something a little more lively then the Estival Jazz Lugano follows right behind in July. What better way to enjoy the calm summer evenings with some of your favorite Jazz Artists who travel in from all over the world to take part in this annual event.

Finally if neither Classical or Jazz is your kind of music the perhaps the Blues-to-Bop Festival in August and early September, which turns the city into an exciting melting pot of different styles of music and people from all over Europe and the rest of the world as well.

#3 Unmatched Scenery

Lugano is the place to go if you enjoy the scenic splendor that Switzerland is famous for. Lakes, Mountains and hiking along rustic trails are only some of the sights that await you there.

Classic Renaissance Architecture and Churches do the countryside. Villas and other splendid building reflect the long history of the area that dates back to the days of the Roman Empire all the way up to the modern buildings of today, a true blending of many styles from many eras just waiting for you to enjoy.

A short distance away lake Lugano beckons and walking along its shores, you see why Lugano is called the Monte Carlo of Switzerland along with its many Hotels, Auto racing and other sporting events. The city is always changing and evolving with the times. Each time you visit, you will find new wonders as well as favorites that will bring you back again and again

Water Sports On The Lake

lugano supPlenty of water sports can be enjoyed on the lake while in Lugano. Something like stand up paddleboarding (pictured image via Lugano SUP) is just one of the many ways that you can spend your time out on the lake doing leisure and recreational activities.

You don’t even need to bring your own gear for your preferred water activity as you can just rent it from a local provided. So, leave that inflatable stand up paddleboard at home!

Of course, getting on one of the stand up paddle boards is not the only fun water activity that you can do while spending time in Lugano.

In fact, there are all kinds of activities that you can enjoy on the lake!

Fishing in Lugano

If you want to try your luck at catching a few fish, then there are plenty of areas (not just the large lake) for you to do so. Do note that all tourists are required to be in possession of a valid fishing license (even teenagers) to fish in the Ticino waters. A license is available for two or seven day periods. Prices start at 20 Swiss Francs and go up to 120 Swiss Francs.

Get Under The Water

If being down with the fishes is more your style, then you’ll find shops ready to outfit you in some rental scuba diving gear. In fact, there are several in the local area where you can rent everything that you need. And if you’re not licensed to dive, you can also get certified by one of the local shops! What a great time to do so.

In A Boat

If you prefer to see the water from the comfort of a boat, then sailing around the lake is a good choice for you. And you will find several nautical shops and services ready to meet your needs. If you want a chartered boat where someone else glices you around, then that can be taken care of. Want to learn how to go it on your own? You can sign up for nautical school here too. Already know your way around a boat? If so, renting one of the vessels is a good choice and at your disposal as well. You can even go on romantic sunset cruises on the lake if you’re trying to impress a special someone who you’ve brought to the lake for a special weekend getaway.

Rowing and Kayaking

If you like your water activities to be quite the workout, then you can do a bit of rowing or kayaking on the lake. Several clubs and nautical shops along the shore rent out all the required equipment so that you can get out on the water and starting having a good time. You’ll be getting quite the workout as you take in the amazing view of the local scenery from your prime position on the water.

More Extreme Water Sports

If things like fishing and boating are just a bit too tame for you, then consider going a bit more extreme and doing something like windsurfing or kiteboarding while in Lugano. You can also do things like go skiing and wakeboarding if that is more your style.

No matter what type of water sports you are interested in, there is certain to be something available for you to do while you are in Lugano.


Lugano In Pictures

Never been to the Lugano area? Take in the breathtaking beauty of the region by browsing through the photos below. Each image is courtesy of the official Lugano Tourism website.



lugano scenery

lugano swimming

lugano lake front

lugano through gate

lugano city

See more photos of the beautiful area here.

Lugano Area Cuisine – What To Expect

polenta in lugano
With a location so close to Italy, yet still definitely Swiss, the food in and around Lugano surprises some tourists. The cuisine of the local area is known as Ticinese and can best be described as utterly delicious. It takes influences from both countries to deliver something that is certainly delightful for your palette.

The staple soup of Ticinese cuisine is minestrone. This hearty vegetable soup has no set recipe, with each family giving it their own twist and declaring it the “best” soup in the region. Great for warming you up on a cold day. Another popular soup that you will see served is the tasty pumpkin soup.

Ages ago, the Ticinese people were rather poor and lived off of the staples of potatoes, polenta and chestnuts. To this day, polenta is still a staple dish in the area.

Salmì of Rabbit is another traditional Lombardi dish that you will find when dining in the area. The marinade has been used since ancient times as a way to preserve the meat and make the game more tender. Definitely a delectable dish to try while in the area.

A simple dish of marinated fish is popular among all the lakeside villages in Lombardy.

Bread cake is the typical sweet treat that you see as festivals and such in the area. You will also find that macaroons are a popular sweet treat with the people of the Lombardy region.

For typical drinks of the region, besides the very common red, white and rosé wines, there is fresh and thirst quenching lemonade but also grappa and ratafià (also called nocino), a liqueur made from walnuts of which, they say, only friars know the original recipe.

LongLake Festival Lugano 2014

Starting from July 2nd and lasting through August 2nd, 2014 is the LongLake Festival Lugano. This is the fourth year for the festival, which offers plenty of fun for the whole family. If you attend, you can expect 250 events and outstanding guests that are sure to enliven the city, its squares, streets and parks each and every day for almost a month.

There is going to be a little something for everyone at the festival – entertainment, theatre and dance shows, concerts as well as a lot of activities for kids.

If you want to get more familiar with the ongoing events of the festival, know that the LongLake Festival has been split in six different Festivals this year. There is the Rock’n’More Festival Lugano, Classica Festival Lugano, Buskers Festival Lugano, Urban Art Festival Lugano, Family Festival Lugano, Words Festival Lugano and many other side events Plus.

Entrance to all of the events and festivities are completely free.

LongLake Rock’n’More Festival Lugano
21 July – 02 August 2014
The Festival, entirely dedicated to live music, offers a rich international programme ranging from rock to pop, folk, indie, reggae and punk music.

LongLake Classica Festival Lugano
02 July – 02 August 2014
The world class line-up goes beyond the traditional classical music boundaries with original cabaret and crossover proposals. As a complement to the Festival, the appreciated Sunday matinées in the outstanding scenery of the Ciani Park and the great performers of the Cello Love review.

LongLake Buskers Festival Lugano
16 July – 20 July 2014
The street artists’ Festival which is an apparent delirium of freaks, artists, egos and musicians assembling and disassembling in an artistic harmony of beauty and fullness.

LongLake Urban Art Festival Lugano
02 July – 02 August 2014
A variety of arts initiatives aimed at connecting the residents to the urban background.

LongLake Family Festival Lugano
02 July – 02 August 2014
With a wide choice of events for families and children, the Festival proposes fairy tales reading, movies, magic and illusion shows.

LongLake Words Festival Lugano
02 July – 02 August 2014
The Festival gives voice to writers, actors, artists and other speakers who will interact with the audience. Within the Festival, words take on different shades and expressions when used in music, theatre, movies and images.

LongLake PLUS
02 July – 02 August 2014
It’s the sum of all other proposals adding value to the Lugano Summer. Amongst them: the dance entertainment of Ritmo Costante, the Ticino Musica and the Ceresio Estate Festivals, the screenings at the lakeside (Cinema al Lago) and the entertainment proposed by the Lugano bars and clubs. Even if it’s not a Festival, PLUS completes the LongLake schedule involving many other organizers and increasing the visibility of other season programmes offered by the city.

Getting there: There is plenty of free parking if you need to drive to the festival location. Get all the transport details at

Get full details on the lineup for each night by checking out the festival’s official website at (this is the English version).

The Typical Ticinese Grotto

lugano grotto
When you visit Lugano, it is inevitable that you will stumble across a grotto or two, which are very typical of Ticino. These grottos are rustic establishments that you can usually find located in remote and shaded areas off the streets.

Outside, it is characteristic for there to be a wide open space for eating your meals outside. There are plenty of tables and benches located in the shade under the trees. And, there is also the typical cellar on the premises. And, you will likely see plenty of locals out dining with their families. It will be a great mixture of people from all cultures and backgrounds coming together to enjoy the fine local foods.

What you will find for dining at a typical grotto establishment are only local products and dishes typical of the region. To drink, you can enjoy Merlot, local wine or perhaps Barbera and lemonade from a small jug or cup. Of course, the actual food is the real focus here – it is local and delicious. Expect to enjoy tasty things like home-made cold cuts (especially salami and bologna sausage), vegetable soup, busecca, risotto, marinated fish, veal tonne, roast beef (both hot and cold) with salad and sautéed potatoes, polenta with braised meat, rabbit, cazzöla, mushrooms, cheese and cheese portions, zabaglione, bread cake, wine flavoured peaches.

Your experience at a grotto is one to be savored and enjoyed. Do not attempt to rush through your meal and get on your way. Instead, relax and take in the moment so that you might enjoy the experience as you sip on some of the local wine or eat some of the local meats or dishes. Know that you will be treated like a family member and will gladly be welcomed back to the grotto, should you remain in the area more than one day.

Come To Lugano For Wellness!

When you think about Lugano, wellness might not be the first thing that comes to your mind. However, it should! While there is no denying that simply walking around the lake and taking in the sights and sounds of nature are good for the body, this is not the wellness that we are talking about here today.

Instead of simply shopping or enjoying the time that you have in Lugano, consider experiencing some wellness treatments while you are in the area. You can indulge in a massage, facials, body treatments and a private spa experience, if you like. Each offered service is there to enhance your general wellness and beauty. It is perfect for relaxing and recuperating from a stressful life. Enjoy it on your own, with a friend or a lover.

Typical spa experiences include warm and cold water pools, baths, saunas, massage treatments, and relaxation zones. No matter what service you decide upon for yourself, one thing is certain – when you leave here you will have achieved the ultimate in relaxation. Your body will feel reinvigorated and energized like never before.

Prices for these indulgent services vary, depending on what you want included and if it will be just for you or if you will have a lover or a friend along with you for the wellness treatment. You can get the full details on available wellness services online at

Do consider making an appointment for yourself while you are in Lugano as it is a great way to get rid of the toxins that build up in the body after taking an airplane flight. Plus, it is sometimes just a good feeling to treat yourself and your body to the indulgence of being pampered and taking completely care of by the staff at Ticino Health. Great for adults of all ages!