Do you want to brush up on your Italian or just have one of the best vacations of your life? Then going to Lugano Switzerland is just what the doctor ordered and in this article, you will learn about the Top 3 things you can see, do and enjoy in the land of Chocolate, Skiing and Clock Making.

Lugano is located in the Southern tip of Switzerland and has the largest Italian speaking population, next to that of Italy itself. Surrounded by Italy on three sides it juts out of Switzerland into Italy like an isthmus does into the sea.

Lugano once home to famous writer Hermann Hesse author of the classics “Steppenwolf” and “Siddhartha.” is a city that offers you a unique vacation experience.

#1 Chocolate Has a Museum

The Alprose Chocolate Museum shows the complete history of Chocolate in the region from its earliest origins to the 21st century in this quaint and unique museum of the Tradition of Swiss Chocolate making. Everyone who goes to Switzerland brings back Chocolate.

Not only can you do that when you leave Lugano, you will also have learned about the history and see how it is being done today, still following the old ways using techniques that have been handed down through the generations. Of course, no visit would be complete without sampling the chocolate as it is being made right before your eyes.

#2 Festivals

Lugano is home to many summer festivals and celebrations you can enjoy as well. If you enjoy classical music then the Lugano Festival that runs from April through May, would be the perfect time to schedule your holiday in Switzerland. With over a Dozen Concerts held for your enjoyment and with a 2nd phase held in June of each year focusing on guest Composers of international renown.

If however you prefer something a little more lively then the Estival Jazz Lugano follows right behind in July. What better way to enjoy the calm summer evenings with some of your favorite Jazz Artists who travel in from all over the world to take part in this annual event.

Finally if neither Classical or Jazz is your kind of music the perhaps the Blues-to-Bop Festival in August and early September, which turns the city into an exciting melting pot of different styles of music and people from all over Europe and the rest of the world as well.

#3 Unmatched Scenery

Lugano is the place to go if you enjoy the scenic splendor that Switzerland is famous for. Lakes, Mountains and hiking along rustic trails are only some of the sights that await you there.

Classic Renaissance Architecture and Churches do the countryside. Villas and other splendid building reflect the long history of the area that dates back to the days of the Roman Empire all the way up to the modern buildings of today, a true blending of many styles from many eras just waiting for you to enjoy.

A short distance away lake Lugano beckons and walking along its shores, you see why Lugano is called the Monte Carlo of Switzerland along with its many Hotels, Auto racing and other sporting events. The city is always changing and evolving with the times. Each time you visit, you will find new wonders as well as favorites that will bring you back again and again