lugano supPlenty of water sports can be enjoyed on the lake while in Lugano. Something like stand up paddleboarding (pictured image via Lugano SUP) is just one of the many ways that you can spend your time out on the lake doing leisure and recreational activities.

You don’t even need to bring your own gear for your preferred water activity as you can just rent it from a local provided. So, leave that inflatable stand up paddleboard at home!

Of course, getting on one of the stand up paddle boards is not the only fun water activity that you can do while spending time in Lugano.

In fact, there are all kinds of activities that you can enjoy on the lake!

Fishing in Lugano

If you want to try your luck at catching a few fish, then there are plenty of areas (not just the large lake) for you to do so. Do note that all tourists are required to be in possession of a valid fishing license (even teenagers) to fish in the Ticino waters. A license is available for two or seven day periods. Prices start at 20 Swiss Francs and go up to 120 Swiss Francs.

Get Under The Water

If being down with the fishes is more your style, then you’ll find shops ready to outfit you in some rental scuba diving gear. In fact, there are several in the local area where you can rent everything that you need. And if you’re not licensed to dive, you can also get certified by one of the local shops! What a great time to do so.

In A Boat

If you prefer to see the water from the comfort of a boat, then sailing around the lake is a good choice for you. And you will find several nautical shops and services ready to meet your needs. If you want a chartered boat where someone else glices you around, then that can be taken care of. Want to learn how to go it on your own? You can sign up for nautical school here too. Already know your way around a boat? If so, renting one of the vessels is a good choice and at your disposal as well. You can even go on romantic sunset cruises on the lake if you’re trying to impress a special someone who you’ve brought to the lake for a special weekend getaway.

Rowing and Kayaking

If you like your water activities to be quite the workout, then you can do a bit of rowing or kayaking on the lake. Several clubs and nautical shops along the shore rent out all the required equipment so that you can get out on the water and starting having a good time. You’ll be getting quite the workout as you take in the amazing view of the local scenery from your prime position on the water.

More Extreme Water Sports

If things like fishing and boating are just a bit too tame for you, then consider going a bit more extreme and doing something like windsurfing or kiteboarding while in Lugano. You can also do things like go skiing and wakeboarding if that is more your style.

No matter what type of water sports you are interested in, there is certain to be something available for you to do while you are in Lugano.